Project - Mesa Paleo Property

Mesa Paleo Property

The Mesa Paleo property is located at the southeastern end of the Silver City Range extending to the northwest to Bear Mountain also called Chloride Flat Mining District. The Silver City Range is located south and southwest of Silver City, New Mexico. The Mesa Paleo property consists of in total 22 claims over 800 acres. Through internal studies of Mesa Mining LLC the corporation has proofed a high capacity of Iron, Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum, Gold & Silver in the Mesa Paleo Property.


The Claims have excellent road, highway and freeway access. Direct access to the Claims is via Bear Mountain Road and the various unpaved forest roads that diverge from Bear Mountain Road. Within miles from the Claims are several State Highways; Highway 180, Highway 90, Highway 152 and Highway 61. The Claims are approximately 40 miles from Interstate 10 and approximately 60 miles from Interstate 25. The Claims have excellent access to major ports and are located approximately 570 miles from the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, 825 miles from the Port of Houston, and 800 miles from the Port of Corpus Christy. The Claims have also near Train service accessibility located in Lordsburg. The property is approximately 8.7 miles from Silver City and approximately 53.6 miles from Lordsburg.


Silver City, New Mexico was founded in the 1870’s on large bonanza silver, manganese, and magnesium discoveries in the area just to the west and southwest of the city limits known as Chloride Flats. Southern Chloride Flats had the biggest finds including the Legal Tender and Silver Spot mines where large silver discoveries and some minor gold discoveries were found. The Boston Hill area produced manganese as well as some precious metals. Additionally, the area is surrounded by historical precious metals locations including: the Fleming Camp on the west side of the Silver City Range by Treasure Mountain known for large silver discoveries and the Georgetown Districts. Pinos Altos is another located to the northeast which had large gold discoveries. The area is also known for its base metal mines including the one of the oldest copper mines in North America the Santa Rita, the Hurley Copper Mine, and one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world, the Tyrone Copper Mine.